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    A totem is a spirit being or symbol that serves as an emblem for a family, clan or tribe. We at Totemmi are awed and inspired by the totem spirits, natural beauty and the mythic past of our beloved Pacific Wonderland.

    At Totemmi we strive to create clothing that is beautiful, sustainable and artisan made. Our entire performance collection is printed and sewn with love right here in the Pacific Northwest, creating local jobs that directly benefit our communities. Our fabrics are spun from fiber made from USA-certified recycled plastic bottles. It can take 450 years for a plastic bottle to biodegrade. By recycling bottles into yoga clothing we are doing our part to keep plastic out of our landfills and we are offsetting the need to produce new raw materials. We are also proud to employ the talents of local graphic designers and artists. By choosing Totemmi, you are helping us make positive change within the apparel industry. Thank you!

    Our Peruvian partners are dedicated to creating the highest quality sweaters and tees from artisan alpaca and organic cotton. Their dedication to supporting local communities and family farms has been recognized by the Peruvian government, and their environmental stewardship means less impact on local resources and a softer footprint on our earth.

    Every clothing purchase we make shapes the way our world operates and how we want our future to look.

    Earth is our island that we all share. Love her and share her joy with us.