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    “Yoga reminds us that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves, and our practice can become a beautiful ritual to appreciate and connect to this planet.”

    A lawyer-turned-yoga teacher, Victoria initially sought out yoga to help cope with the stresses of her legal career. Her practice developed from a cherished escape to a passionate calling, and she made the jump from law to teaching, completing teacher training with Blissology Yoga under Eoin Finn.

    As a nature lover, Victoria is grateful to live in Hood River, OR in the Columbia Gorge, and its beauty provides daily inspiration for her practice and teaching. She is a snowboarder and a surfer and loves the way that both connect her with the flow of nature.

    “Where I live I can snowboard on Mount Hood, paddle or kiteboard on the Columbia River, and surf the Oregon coast. The Pacific Northwest is really something special, and I admire the way Totemmi designs capture and reflect that, while producing in ways that minimize environmental impact.”

    Fueled by wanderlust (and coffee), Victoria is often on the road with her husband and dog in their camper van searching for the best snow, waves, or wind. Join her for one of her weekly classes in Hood River or at an upcoming workshop or retreat. For more on Victoria and her teaching schedule, follow her on Instagram @vowilliams and subscribe to her email newsletter at https://tinyletter.com/vowilliams